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Are mail-order nightmares keeping you from ordering online?

No problem! We receive packages for just a small fee, and are located just a minute from the Peace Arch border crossing.
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November 27, 2015
9a - 1p
December 24, 2015
9a - 1p
December 25, 2015
December 26, 2015
December 31, 2015
9a - 1p
January 1, 2016
January 2, 2016


Although we have been diligently working to get our overnight lockers up and running, with this being our busiest time of year it has not been possible to reach our original goal of an early December rollout. With all that we have to factor in, we are looking at January for a startup date.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding!

Please note that our freight/pallet receiving process has changed. Visit the freight/pallet page for more information and be sure to call ahead to confirm which location your larger shipments can be picked up from.

All customers are now required to complete a PS Form 1583, Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, to use our services. New, old, and even non-mail receivers need to present this form to us once, and only once (unless a change of address occurs), along with two (2) pieces of ID. If there are multiple members utilizing an account, each individual will have to complete their own copy of the form.

You can download/print this form from PDF by clicking the following thumbnail:

Our current system allows new users to obtain a number immediately, and logging time for received packages has been reduced by almost two-thirds as well. This means quicker availability and notification! The only catches are that users who received a customer number above 60000 prior to March 1st, 2013, and any user with a customer number that begins with a zero, will need to be assigned a new number.

We appreciate your patience!



Packages are available for pickup when a confirmation email from
us has been received! This can be two business days after package
receipt depending on the amount of deliveries being processed.

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